Sean O’Hagan (1990-)

Perry Como
Edge Of The Sun
Pretty Boy
Hoping You Would Change Your Mind
C’mon Let’s Go
Paint & Pets
Half Face Cat
Have You Heard The Latest News

Candy Clock
I Am Here
The Paykan (Laili’s Song)
McCardle Brown
On A Lonely Day (Ding, Dong)
Spoken Gem
Take My Steps (Nora Bramms)

Cathal Coughlan (1996-2022)

This Building
Unbroken Ones
On The Parish
The New “Royale”
Eerin Go Braghag
We Are The Sinister…
The Big Lukewarm
Straying Away
Irrational Falsifier
Two Grotesques, Embracing
Angry White Snail
Free And Worthless
Garrai Na Muic
The Last Lamplighter…
Waiting For Wood, Captain

The Ghost of Limehouse Cut
Officer Material
The Bacon Singer
Black River Falls
Dark Parlour
Out Among The Ruins
God Bless Mr X
Frankfurt Cowboy Yodel
Whitechapel Mound
Cast Me Out In My Hometown

And Springtime…
Denial Of The Right To Dream
Three Rusty Reivers
Goodbye Sadness
Toxic Mother
The Last Of Eternity
You Turned Me
Amused As Hell
Pawnshop Riches
White’s Academy
A Drunken Hangman
The Female Line

Ophelia Crescent Is Burning
Widening The Gravel Road
Foburg (They Bought)
North Esk
Epiphany Season
Black Confetti
Fur Jacket On A Hot Night
The Adoptees
Rat Poison Rendezvous
The Centre, Revisited
Big Wax Hand
The Sacrament Of Killling
The Intake Room

Shipman Memorial
The Sultan Of Coltan County
The Examined Life
Best Say We’re Not Serious
Rancho Tetrahedron #2
The Frond-Seller
Terylene Ghosts…
Mr. Bib’s Saorstát Star Time
Free Parachutist

Mr. Cynthia
Witches In The Water
The Papal Pagan
Ayatollah Cornelius
Tim Hardin MP
The Australian IRA Show
The Anthem Of The Scrolls

Song Of Co-Aklan
Passed-Out Dog
My Child Is Alive!
Crow Mother
St. Wellbeing Axe
Owl In The Parlour
Let’s Flood The Fairground
The Lobster’s Dream
The Copper Beech
The Knockout Artist
Falling Out North Street

Seo E’ Glo’R Na Teilifi’Se
Mister Imperator
We Need
Falun Gong Dancer
The Symphonies Of Danny la Rue
Archbishop Beardmouth…
The Imperial Angelus
Sex Bunting
There Goes Waterface
Stop The Lights