Literature Is Fluff by the High Llamas

From the High Llamas’ 1996 Hawaii album. Written by Sean O’Hagan. No capo.

High Llamas - Hawaii


[C] [Am7] (x4)


[C] Take [Am] care to a [Cmaj7] void the [C6] heavy [B7] stuff
[F] I give up, this [C/E] literature is [Dm7] fluff
[Eb7] Trawled through [Ab6] sketches of notes the [Gm7] night be [Cm7] fore
[Eb7] Chased the [Ab6] baffled employees [Gm7] floor to [Cm7] floor
[Eb7] Hung a [Ab6] Do Not Disturb on [Gm7] glass swing [Cm7] doors

[C#/G#] [Ab6] [C#/G#] [G6]


[C] Fabled [Am] diaries [Cmaj7] written [C6] to be [B7] read
[F] Creaking uprights [C/E] ring through Nissen [Dm7] sheds
[Eb7] You are [Ab6] clearly a man of [Gm7] influ [Cm7] ence
[Eb7] Your col [Ab6] lectable tales do [Gm7] so im [Cm7] press
[Eb7] Now the [Ab6] world can enjoy your [Gm7] savvy [Cm7] sense

Note: I took a wild stab at the next series of chords. The sixth one I simply couldn’t get.

[C#] [Eb] [E] [F#] [Ab] [?] [F] [G7]


[C] This [Am] poor devil [Cmaj7] does not [C6] want to [B6] be
An [F] out-of-habit [C/E] radio em [Dm7] cee
[Eb7] And he [Ab6] sensed the unease, the [Gm7] governor’s [Cm7] words
[Eb7] Treated [Ab6] baffled colonials [Gm7] rhyme and [Cm7] verse
[Eb7] Now I [Ab6] will not expect that [Gm7] visit [Cm7] first

[C#/G#] [Ab6] [C#/G#] [G6]


[C] [Am7]