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From The Fatima Mansions’ 1990 Viva Dead Ponies album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.




They Emfirst met at the hospital, she was checking out for good
Her Embody patched but past repair, and there her angel stood
She was Dfeeling quite confused now Cthat her Ddeath was close at handC
She Dhad to face eternity, Cso why +Dnot this mumbling man?C
EmGot himself a wedding suit at a local warrant sale
It beEmlonged to some old Turkish man who’d owed and gone to jail
He would Dcoax her mind with talk of Clove to Dmake her body kindC
Because Dpeople hate the truth, you know, they Amneed their pack of EmliesC++Bm++Em++C++Bm+++Em+++C++Bm++E++C++Bm


Growing Emtired of being foreign, being spat on and shortchanged
He deEmmanded that she leave with him for the land from whence he came
They were Dherded on like cattle Cto a Dferry at high tideC
This Dunkempt, aging orphan Cand his Dhelpless, dying brideC
But he Emleft her at the other shore crying on the deck
She was Emslumped against the rail as he had struck to free his neck
And the Dcustoms shed was empty Cas he Dmade his way insideC
There were no Dchimpanzees in uniform to Amhear his pack of Emlies+C++Bm++Em++C++Bm++Em++C++Bm++E


Now she’s asCmaj7cending into heaven with conBm7tentment on her Emface+C++Bm++Em++C++Bm
And Holy Cmaj7God is there to greet and batter Bm7her into her Emplace+C++Bm++Em++C++Bm


Ah but Emmeanwhile back on Earth it seems the prodigal returned
They’re Emmaking him the chieftain and they’ve come to him to learn
How the Dneighbours in the rich land Cmade us Dsteal and kill and lieC
And Dwhen they ask who culls the weaklings Cthere he just Dshrugs and says, Not I!
Though surEmrounded by diseases, I stood tall and kept my health
I Emcould have been important if I’d been somebody else
The Dmoral of this story Cis: This Dland’s a victim-farmC
Don’t you Dever feed a beggar Chere, he’ll Deat your fucking armC
And Ddon’t blaspheme the strong ones Cif you Dwant to stay aliveC
Now Dsmile and give them thanks Cwhen they say, AmHere’s a pack of Emlies!+C++Bm++Em++C++Bm++Em++C++Bm++E