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From The Fatima Mansions’ 1989 Against Nature album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.



Uh, I’m here on a mission to tell you exactly what can go wrong if you’re not careful. You see, it’s like this: you’re running down the staircase at random. You take one step, you take two steps, you take seven steps, 10 steps, two steps, 15 steps, 19 steps … You’re lying in a heap at the bottom of the staircase – blood, bones, powder, that sort of thing – and you’re wondering, how did I get here? And then you look up and you see … it’s a man in a cowl, it’s a man in a cowl, he opens his face to you – it’s Jimmy Tarbuck. He is saying, kiss the ring! Kiss the ring! And he says, yes, there is a Santa Claus, and anybody who blasphemes against Santa or any of his helpers shall die. What do you do? What do you do?


You Ewhimper thanks to the heavenly sky
It’s grey is getting lighterA7
No Epeace of mind or sleep for you
You Ehaven’t earned it yet
A7And you won’t by dusk, I bet
UnGtil you learn what Dfutures you’ve deEstroyed (yeah! oh!)
We Gmusn’t see you Dsulk or get anAsus4noyed … no


COn the C7day I lost Feverything
They Ccouldn’t +C7help e+Fnough
They Cshot my C7veins full of Fgelatine
I said, Gthank you very Fmuch, you’re too kind!


EWhile they lived in luxury
I Emade do with money
A7Sweet money
And Enow I’m going to measure the rain
And Eyou can sit and watch me
A7Look! Look! (oh!)
Don’t even Gthink about not Danswering your Ephone
It Gmight be me and I Dknow you’re always Asus4home


COn the C7day I lost Feverything
They Ccouldn’t+ C7help e+Fnough
They Cstopped my C7clock and they Ffolded my wings
I said, Gthank you very Fmuch for E7everything it means
E7I’m gonna destroy you (with my slings and my bullets)


COn the C7day I lost Feverything
The Csky was C7purest +Fwhite
And the Cclocks had C7stopped so I Fstarted to sing
The Gmagpie sleeps toFnight


COn the C7day I lost Feverything
CAw+ C7aw+ Faw