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Let’s Flood The Fairground by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[D] [F#m] (x2)


Ma [D] nolo Blahniks [F#m] flank a yellow pool
[D] Which grows in splashes on the [F#m] evening kerbside cool
[G6] In business suit, her skin a- [E7] gleam
She sta [D] nds serene [F#m]


[D] Was it Human Resources [F#m] or roubles in a hedge
[D] That paid for this derangement whose [F#m] fruits run down her legs
[A6] Now with a [Gmaj7] beatific [E] smile, she giv [D] es a heil [F#m]

[Bm6/G#] Inside reception all is [C#7] well
[Bm6/G#] A guard is watching her, but [C#7] what the hell
[Bm6/G#] A frozen wage buys no passion these [C#7] days
[Cmaj7] Long as the vocoder [E] plays


Oh [C] let’s flood the [Ddim] fairground
Just to [C] see if they can [Ddim] tell
A [G] shark from a [Ddim] showboat
Now there’s [Gm] aliens for blaming [A7]
[Gm] Poor folks for defaming [A7]
And a [D7] clown world to accuse


Now [D] Lehman Brothers, [F#m] they had a lot of soul
[D] Sir Thomas Mair declared, “you’re [F#m] hired!” – the envoys were unknowns
Who [A6] couldn’t tell a [G6] synagogue from a [E] mosque, and tor [D] ched the lot [F#m]

[Bm6/G#] The embassy, a basement [C#7] room
[Bm6/G#] Radiation-sick they [C#7] spoke, though not very soon
[Bm6/G#] To tattoo’d wreckage of first- [C#7] wife blood
[Cmaj7] Who dumped them in the Tilbury [E] mud


Oh [C] let’s flood the [Ddim] fairground
Make them [C] dream again of [Ddim] days
When [G7] playtime would be [Abmaj7] all time
There’d be [Gm] no disease or hate crimes [A7]
Just Brun [Gm] hilde’s golden urine [A7]
And tech [Gm] nology like sunshine [A7]
As they [D7] smoulder ‘mid the waves [Bm] [D] [Ab] [Em6]