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Come On Over And Cry by Microdisney

From Microdisney’s 1984 Everybody is Fantastic album. Written by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan.

High Llamas - Santa Barbara


[D7] [Dm7] (x2)


[Dm] Dad [Am] dy [Dm] built [Am] this [G/A] land
[Dm] Scarred [Am] and [Dm] bruised [Am] his [G/A] hands

[Gm] Peo [Dm] ple [Gm] ran to kiss those [Dm] hands
[Gm] They [Dm] knelt [Gm] everywhere he [Dm] went

[Fm] Now he lost us our [Dm7] minds
[Fm] He gave us our [Dm7] fear


[Dm] Dad [Am] dy [Dm] went [Am] a [G/A] way
[Dm] Still [Am] un [Dm] sa [Am] tis [G/A] fied

[Gm] Mad [Dm] drunk [Gm] in his burning [Dm] house
[Gm] Begged [Dm] some [Gm] boy to break his [Dm] back

[Fm] Now shive [Dm7] ring slow
[Fm] He begs in [Dm7] the street

[Dm] What [G/A] a [Dm] sma [Am] shing
[Dm] Cry [G/A] stal [Dm] ni [Am] ght

[Gm] Same [Dm] thing [Gm] underneath this [Dm] skin
[Gm] Stale [Dm] blood, [Gm] self pity and [Dm] beer

[Fm] I’m drawing [Dm7] this line
[Fm] Come on o [Dm7] ver and cry


[D7] [Dm7]