Dreaming Drains by Microdisney

From Microdisney’s 1984 Everybody is Fantastic album. Written by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan.

High Llamas - Santa Barbara


[D6] What is the meanest [Dmaj7] thing they can [Em7] do
[C] Leave me to dream I’m [Cmaj7] rich in some [Fmaj7] drain

[C#m7] It’s me the [A] golden boy, [Ab7] the one you [F#m7] love
[C#m7] My hands are [A] full of presents
[Ab7] Some gold and [Bm7] some plastic
[F#m7] I bought for [Ab7] you


[D6] I know they’re fools, they’re [Dmaj7] my only [Em7] hope
[C] When would you like to [Cmaj7] kick in my [Fmaj7] head

[Ab] [Abmaj7] [Bbmaj7]

[C#m7] The girls at [A] all the parties [Ab7] now flaunt them [F#m7] selves
[C#m7] Nobody [A] objects when I
[Ab7] Push people, [Bm7] eat people
[F#m7] Who made me [Ab7] beg


[D] Just [C] savour this [Gmaj7] mo [C7] ment
[D] When [C] your heart is [Gmaj7] bro [C7] ken
[C/G] How [Bb] long since I [Fmaj7] told [Bb7] you
[C/G] How [Bb] much I [Fmaj7] hate [Bb7] you


[D6] Now as I lie a [Dmaj7] lone in the [Em7] dark
[C] Miles from the noise and [Cmaj7] talk, I’m re [Fmaj7] born

[C#m7] It’s me the [A] golden boy, [Ab7] the crimi [F#m7] nal
[C#m7] I’ll sing these [A] awkward blues and
[Ab7] In times of [Bm7] no contest
[F#m7] Just dig me [Ab7] up