Everybody Is Dead by Microdisney

From Microdisney’s 1984 Everybody is Fantastic album. Written by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan.

High Llamas - Santa Barbara


[Em] [G6] [A] [F#m7] [Bm7]
[Em] [G6] [A] [F#m7] [G] [A7sus4]


[D] I got some sleep in the [F#m7] after [Bm7] noon [Am] [Cmaj7] [Gmaj7] [A]
[D] Four hours in a [F#m7] hungry [Bm7] week [G6] [Em] [A]

[Bm] Spent my money, [Em7] spent my energy
[Bm] Spent my purpose, will [Em7] that improve me
[Bm] Took the first bus [E7] home and fell down
[Em] When I wake up [Gmaj7] everyone is a [Bm7] sleep
[Em] I’m awake and [Gmaj7] everybody is [Bm7] dead [A7sus4]


[D] My train passed a [F#m7] river [Bm7] by [Am] [Cmaj7] [Gmaj7] [A]
[D] One trail ran on [F#m7] either [Bm7] bank [G6] (One is a road now, [Em] one is [A] dirt)

[B7] [F#m7] [B7] [Em7]

[Bm] While you’re sleeping, [Em7] I am thinking
[Bm] How you came here and [Em7] why you did it
[Bm] When you wake up [E7] you’ll be leaving
[Em] Dead leaves lying in [Gmaj7] Powis Square in the [Bm7] rain
[Em] Dead leaves rot now, [Gmaj7] Powis Square in the [Bm7] cold [A7sus4]

[B] [B7] [A6] [F#m]


She [B] squeezed my hand in the back seat of a [B7] taxi [A6]
[F#m] (“Rolls Royce”)
[B] “Rolls [B7] Royce” [A6] [F#m]
[B] I [B7] [A6] love [F#m] [B] y [B7] [A6] ou [F#m]

[B] [B7] [A6] [F#m]