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Sleepless by Microdisney

From Microdisney’s 1984 Everybody is Fantastic album. Written by Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan. Capo on 2nd fret.

High Llamas - Santa Barbara


[A] There was [F#m7] blood where he [Bm7] once had [E] eyes
[A] In the [F#m7] fog at the [Bm7] doctor’s [E] door
Could you [Dm7] not go anywhere [Em7] else
My [Dm7] wife and sons are a [Em7] sleep [A] [E6] [A6] [E]

And the [Dm7] doctor did what he [Em7] could
And he [Dm7] gave him love on the [Em7] floor


[A] He was [F#m7] cured and was [Bm7] given [E] sight
[A] And de [F#m7] prived of the [Bm7] will to [E] die

[F] [C7] [Bb] [C7] (x2)

And he [Dm7] soon forgot his old [Em7] friends
For he [Dm7] needed purpose [Em7] now


[A] The ca [F#m7] thedral was [Bm7] big and [E] black
[A] It was the [F#m7] doctor who [Bm7] brought him [E] here
And on [Dm7] Sundays you will [Em7] come
With your [Dm7] suit and wife and [Em7] son [A] [E6] [A6] [E]


God [Dm7] bless the doctor’s [Em7] trade
And the [Dm7] lovely quagmire he [Em7] made
They have [Dm7] built a race who can’t [Em7] read
And are [Dm7] sleepless like the [Em7] sun

[Dm7] [Em7]