And Springtime Followed Summer by Cathal Coughlan

From Cathal Coughlan’s 2002 The Sky’s Awful Blue album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug

[Em] [C] [Cmaj7] (x2)

And [Em] springtime followed [C] summer [Cmaj7]
[Em] Nature’s stoic re [C] proof [Cmaj7]
The [Bdim] hardened [Bm7] earth cra [Em] cked [C] hollow [Cmaj7]
By [Bdim] eager [Bm7] thorny [Em] [C] shoots [Cmaj7]

There’ll [Em] be no hiber [C] nation [Cmaj7]
You’ll [Em] spend nights right here in your [C] tracks [Cmaj7]
The [Bdim] churchmen [Bm7] are saying it [Em] wasn’t their [C] fault [Cmaj7]
But they’ll [Bdim] fix the [Bm7] whole thi [Em] ng if they’re [C] asked [Cmaj7]

We were [G6] out to cause explosions
A [C] baying, mortgaged throng [Cmaj7]
Now the [G6] answers breed like wolverines
And we [Dm] burnt their right and wrong

Our [G6] baseless paper money
Our own [C] hearts ruled out of bounds [Cmaj7]
I [Ebm7] hit the road blaspheming [Ebm7]
[Ebm] Over-aged and [Ebm7] slowing [Cm7] down

And [Em] springtime followed [C] summer [Cmaj7]
Some [Em] still have normality’s screen [C] [Cmaj7]
There’s [Bdim] Santa Claus, [Bm7] sure, and there’s old folks’ [Em] homes and [C] [Cmaj7]
And [Bdim] cinnamon [Bm7] smells from kitchens scrubbed [Em] clean [C] [Cmaj7]

They yell [Em] “war” to save the in [C] surance [Cmaj7]
The [Em] meek fall on top of the [C] wild [Cmaj7]
The [Bdim] weight will [Bm7] come off if [Em] you shrug hard e [C] nough [Cmaj7]
You [Bdim] might be sur [Bm7] vived by [Em] your [C] child [Cmaj7]

[G6] She went with men for money
I [C] begged her to hold my hand [Cmaj7]
We [G6] sauntered down the main street
As the [Dm] birds flew forth and sang

We [G6] went to the four-star hotel
[C] The 22nd floor [Cmaj7]
The [G6] light was dim but merry
As she [Dm] set to work I roared

I [G6] wept with indignation
For the [C] life I’d almost [Cmaj7] had
[Ebm] “Never mind,” she said to me
[Ebm] “There’s time still left, maybe it [Cm7] won’t be so bad”


[Em] [C] [Cmaj7]