Sean O’Hagan (1990-)

Perry Como
Edge Of The Sun
Pretty Boy
Hoping You Would Change Your Mind
C’mon Let’s Go
Paint & Pets
Half Face Cat
Have You Heard The Latest News

Candy Clock
I Am Here
The Paykan (Laili’s Song)
McCardle Brown
On A Lonely Day (Ding, Dong)
Spoken Gem
Take My Steps (Nora Bramms)

High Llamas (1991-)

Giddy Strings
The Dutchman
Giddy And Gay
Easy Rod
Checking In, Checking Out
The Goat Strings
Up In The Hills
The Goat Looks On
Taog Skool No
Little Collie
Track Goes By
Let’s Have Another Look
The Goat Looks On (Instrumental)

Cuckoo Casino
Sparkle Up
Literature Is Fluff
Snapshot Pioneer
Ill-Fitting Suits
Recent Orienteering
The Hot Revivalist
Phoney Racehorse
Dressing Up The Old Dakota
D.C. 8
Doo-Wop Property
A Friendly Pioneer
Cuckoo’s Out
There’s Nobody Home
The Hokey Curator
Campers In Control
Double Drift
Island People
Incidentally N.E.O.
Nomad Strings
Rustic Vespa
Folly Time
Hawaiian Smile
Instrumental Suits

Twisto Teck
The Sun Beats Down
HiBall Nova Scotia
Tilting Windmills
Glide Time
Bouncy Glimmer
Three Point Scrabble
Homespun Rerun
Painters Paint
Evergreen Vampo
Showstop Hip Hop
Over The River
End On Tick Tock
Jazzed Carpenter
Lobby Bears

Amy Recalls
Here Come the Rattling Trees
Runner Recalls
Bramble Underscore
Bramble Black
Mona Underscore
Mona’s Song
Decorator Recalls
McKain Underscore
McKain James
Plumber Recalls
Livorno Underscore
Jackie Underscore

North Sea Scrolls (2012)

Mr Cynthia
Witches In The Water
The Papal Pagan
Ayatollah Cornelius
Tim Hardin MP
The Australian IRA Show
The Anthem Of The Scrolls

Telefís (2022)

Seo E’ Glo’R Na Teilifi’Se
Mister Imperator
We Need
Falun Gong Dancer
The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue
Archbishop Beardmouth…
The Imperial Angelus
Sex Bunting
There Goes Waterface
Stop The Lights

Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse
Swinging at the Hypnodrome
Space Is Us
Stock Photo Guy
Hare Coursing in Mayfair
The Age Of Cling
The Casiotone Angelus
Strawboy Supernova
Feed The Light
We See Showbands
The Carthaginians
Circling Over Shannon
On A Country Road