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Ayatollah Cornelius by Cathal Coughlan (North Sea Scrolls)

From the 2012 The North Sea Scrolls album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[G] [Gmaj7] [C] [G] [Gmaj7] [C] [Eb]


[Bb] Over the rooftops of the [Ab6] Poor Clares’ Convent
[Bb] Near Ladbroke Grove, a pit of [Ab6] fiery torment
An [Ebm] airship as [Bb] cends
[Bb] At the helm, dressed in bro [Ab6] cade and ski shades
[Bb] Our born aristo gives a [Ab6] jovial wave

[G] “See you after the [F] final phases”
[G] His silver craft e [F] vades the blazes
He [G] steers, perched on a [F] bulging steamer [Fm] trunk [Dm7] [Cm]


[G] Straight in front of you, [Gmaj7] love and shelter
[C] No one to threaten or judge
[G] One more [Gmaj7] mile down [C] hill [Eb]

[Bb] It’s afternoon, the time has [Ab6] come to wake up
[B] Motel curtain sticks to [Ab6] broken bottle
[Ebm] Waves break be [Bb] low
[Bb] The majordomo pulls him [Ab6] self together
[Bb] He may have guests to greet – well, [Ab6] almost never

[G] Door bursts open, [F] here’s Cornelius
[G] Tehran chic – turban, [F] robe and t-shirt
“The [G] keys to the Great [F] Hall, man, if yo [Fm] u please” [Dm7] [Cm]


[G] Days of wandering, [Gmaj7] years of failure
[C] They could all be redeemed
[G] One more [Gmaj7] mile down [C] hill
[G] None will question you, [Gmaj7] none will argue
[C] You’ll be whoever you say
Just [G] one more [Gmaj7] mile downhill [Eb] [Em6] [Gaug] [Emaj7] [C#]


[Bb] What’s the time? There [Ab6] is no time [Bb] [Ab6]
[Bb] What’s the time? There [Ab6] is no time [Bb] [Ab6]
[Bb] The dreadful facts must [Ab6] be recorded
Out of [Bb] reach of fire and [Ab6] flood, go forward
[Bb] Lemmy, Stacia, [Ab6] Dave The Badger
Their [Bb] torsos exchanged due to [Ab6] chemical factors
[Bb] What’s the time? There [Ab6] is no time [Bb] [Ab6]
[Bb] What’s the time? There [Ab6] is no time [Bb] [Ab6]