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Best Say We’re Not Serious by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2010 Rancho Tetrahedron album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug

Bad [Am] news, bad news, I never heard the like of this grevious, brutal deed
Though [C] I of course was miles away
On a [F6] rock ‘n’ roll stage in Leeds
That [Fmaj7] Mick from TV and his secret lady
Down [E7] lovers’ lane did bleed

The [Am] abandoned road to to the aerodrome was a lonely place, I hear
But [C] nice to find when you’ve rutting on your mind
And a [F6] hotel is too dear
Though of [Fmaj7] course I wouldn’t know, it was 50 years ago
And as I [E7] say, I was nowhere near

It was [Ebmaj7] 50 years ago, and the record does not show
Why my [F/G] knighthood is supposed to pay

[Ab6] Ask about the “Hounslow Wall of [Fm6] Sound”

With my [Ebmaj7] pants about my shins and a genius in my skin
And his [F/G] dribble on my shoulder-blades

[Ab6] Legends thrive on common crimes – so [Fm6] I have found
Un [Ab6] seen, unbound [Fm6]
On [Ab6] bloodied ground [Fm6]
[C7] Best say we’re not serious

Bad [Am] news, bad news – the devil gets his due and the living rise to leave
Traded [C] drapes for Beatle suits, then the flares and platform boots
Held the [F6] door for Mrs. T
I [Fmaj7] learned to tell jokes, answer questions of sport
I would [E7] run for charity

I re [Ebmaj7] call one happy day with its RAF display
Near a [F/G] legendary carriageway

[Ab6] Covered now in moss and 10-foot [Fm6] weeds

And if those [Ebmaj7] trees began to talk (oh perish the thought) –
Think what [F/G] lawyers I would have to pay

At [Ab6] least I never multiplied – the [Fm6] self denied
A [Ab6] craftsman’s pride [Fm6]
Per [Ab6] sonified [Fm6]
[C7] Best say we’re not serious

[Am] [Am7] [E7]

So the [Am] maestro went to [Am7] jail and the [E7] Sunday papers railed
“Enter [Am] tainers prey u [Am7] pon the [E7] young”
And to [Am] us, his powdered [Am7] tricks, came the [E7] guffaws and the bricks
And the [Am] tax bills and the [Am7] bottom [E7] rung
[Am] Anyone would [Am7] snap saddled [E7] with the like of that
But I [Am] jumped at any [Am7] work they [E7] gave
Although [Am] sometimes not too [Am7] calm, gin and [E7] pills were in command
And the [Am] weekend lasted [Am7] seven [E7] days

[C] [G] [Bb6]

[Cm] [F#maj7] [F6]

[Ebmaj7] Now I’m more than eking out so they ask me to recount
Scruffy [F/G] journalists with hostile airs

[Ab6] Plans of seating, B-sides, laundry [Fm6] tags

And they [Ebmaj7] hate me for my wealth and for keeping to myself
All the [F/G] “good things” morseo than bad

[Ab6] You just bought the ticket, folks, I [Fm6] own the show
I [Ab6] can say no [Fm6]
A [Ab6] way you go [Fm6]
[C7] Best say we’re not serious