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Black Confetti by Cathal Coughlan

From Cathal Coughlan’s 2006 Foburg album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


I drew a [C#maj7] scar on my soul for you
Beside my house where the brambles [F6] grew
One April [Dm7b5] day
Its walls were [Eb] weeping [Fm7b5] green in [Fm6] side
[Fm6] Empty

I locked and [Adim] chained
Doors’ swollen [Abmaj7] strain
To [Abm] walk some [G/F] days


I drew a [C#maj7] scar on my soul for you
Because the trinkets I wandered [F6] through
Advised me [Dm7b5] to
Just let it [Eb/Bb] all play [Fm7b5] through
[Fm6] Their voice is my voice

Your grudging [Adim] smiles
Your dark, dark [Ab] eyes
I [Abm] have no [G/F] choice


I drew a [C#maj7] star on my soul for you
My idle soul cheap with ridi [G7] cule
By your [Bb/Ab] side I, a mute, am [C#] lain
Lacking [Bb/Ab] just the embrace of [F7/A] lace [Dm/B]


[D] [F#m] [Abm6] [Am] [D] [F#m] [Abm6] [Am]

She said, [D] “Because I cannot [F#m] pay for the room
[Abm6] I must go [Am] back to work”
[D] A jeep appears [F#m] out there by the gates
[Abm6] She gets in, [Am/F#] off it goes

[Em] North, where there [Bb] is no more [Fmaj7] town
[Em] North, where there [Bb] were only [Am7] farms
[Dm] Last thing I [Am7] knew [Dm] [Am7]
Be [G7] fore this [Am7] thing [Dm] [Am7]
This [Dm] thing [Am7] grew [Dm] [Am7] [Dm]

[Am] I’ll pay for every [Gm] hotel
And [Am] for your attention [Gm] too
[Am] Only the full ca [Gm] tastrophe will [C#m6] do [Cm] [F#7]


I raked the [C#maj7] slope on my days for you
For in this town’s gorging heart you [F6] move
You hang your [Dm7b5] hair
Confetti, [Bb] black, is [Bdim] strewn [Abdim] on me
Not [Abdim] fondly

That curtained [Adim] light must burn all [Ab] night
[C#7] Shrink from [G/F] touch


Your legs won’t [C#maj7] rise, nor hidden eyes
I drew a [C#] scar on my soul for [Fm6] you