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Black River Falls by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2000 Black River Falls album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[F#m] [E]


[Am] Send my ap [A] peal with [Fmaj7] out delay
From this [D] place of thumps and [Am] cries [G6]
My [Am] hands are [Amaj7] slick and my [Fmaj7] breath is thick
And [D] I can’t reach to [G6] rise

My [Am7] ba [C] lance [G6] gone
My [Am7] skull [C] a [G6] bomb
Its [D/A] casing warped and [G6] cracked

In [Am] this de [A] cade which I re [Fmaj7] fuse to name
In this [E] glass house beside the [Edim] tracks

[Cm7] Fields of home, warm [F6] light of [Cm7] love
These [D7] things I [Gm] can re [F] call
[Cm7] I was theirs and [Bb] they were [Cm7] mine
Un [Gm] til Black [Dm] River [F#m7] Falls


The [Am] horses [A] came at [Fmaj7] 2 a.m.
Their [D] manes flayed the window [Am] pane [G6]
And they [Am] bore me [Amaj7] off to a [Fmaj7] muddy plane
Where the [Dm] villages were in [G6] flames

And we [Am7] rode [C] all [G6] night
For they [Am7] would [C] not [G6] turn
Though I [Em7] begged and cursed and [Em] wept

They de [Am] livered me [A] on to some [Fmaj7] angry men
Who [E] punched me until I [Edim] slept

[Cm7] Children called me [F6] father [Cm7] once
[Gm] Flesh and blood and [F] smog
[Cm7] I must have roused their [Bb] hate or [Cm7] blame
To [Gm] earn Black [Dm] River [F#m7] Falls


[Cm7] [Ebmaj7] [Gm] [F]


[Cm7] They say the spring has [F6] come at [Cm7] last
They [Gm] say wake up and [F] see
[Cm7] I’m ready to quit Black [F7/A] River Falls
But [Gm] it [A7] just [Dm] won’t quit [C7] me
[Gm] It [A7] just [Dm] won’t quit [C7] me


[Gm] [A7] [Dm] [C7]

Couldn’t we just one last time
Just one last time
Couldn’t we just one last time
Just one last time
No, couldn’t we
It speaks in your eyes
It speaks in your eyes