Cast Me Out In My Hometown by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2000 Black River Falls album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Fm] [Gm] (x2)


Cast me [Fm] [Gm] out in my [Fm] [Gm] hometown
[Fm] [Gm] Pretty face can’t [Fm] [Gm] help its skin [Fm] [Gm] [Fm] [Gm]
Mildew [Fm] [Gm] room near the [Fm] [Gm] bellring
Her [Fm] [Gm] lowered brow, I [Fm] [Gm] cannot do a right [Fm] [Gm] thing

“When do you [F] leave?”
Said with a [Gm] sneer
“Not that I [F] care”
Im [Gm] plicit there
[Dm7] Payments nigh
I [Bb/C] hear them stir down [Gm] stairs [Fm] [Gm]

The [Gm] final visit
The [Gm] final insult [Fm] [Gm] [Bm] [Ebm]
Can’t be [Dm] excused
The il [Am] lusion of success no [C#m] longer pro [Cm] vides a [Gm] refuge


[Fm] [Gm] (x11)

[Fm] [Gm] [Bm] [Ebm] [Dm] [Am] [C#m] [Cm]

[Fm] [Gm]


Rainy [Fm] clou [Gm] ds
Burning [Fm] sea [Gm] gull [Fm] floats [Gm] upwind
[Cm] Losing [Dm7] alti [Fm] [Gm] tude [Fm] [Gm]

On my [Fm] kne [Gm] es
Cupping [Fm] grim [Gm] y
[Fm] School [Gm] girl hands
Pro [Cm] testing [Dm7] grati [Fm] [Gm] tude [Fm] [Gm]

Beg for a [F] smile
Beg for a [Gm] tear
And when it [F] comes
Clear off [Gm] out of here
[Dm7] Someone cried
My [Bb/C] vision once more [Gm] clear [Fm] [Gm]

The [Gm] final visit
The [Gm] final insult [Fm] [Gm] [Bm] [Ebm]
Now made [Dm] of trick light
[Am] Never more [Em] [C#m] to walk these [Cm] streets head [Fm] [Gm] upright


[Fm] [Gm] (x3)

[Fm] [Gm] [Bm] [Ebm] [Dm] [Am] [C#m] [Cm]

[Fm] [Gm]