Crow Mother by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Dm6] [Ab] [Gm] [Ab]


We [Cm] buried the goat in the [Gm] churchyard
While [Cm] slumber lay thick on the [Gm] town
[Bbm] Makes three [F#m6] this month
[G7] Take that, [F#m6] you cunts

We [Cm] buried the goat in the [Gm] churchyard
With [Cm] Christian procedures and [Gm] prayers
[Bbm] Three sheep, [F#m6] six cats
[Fdim] Deceased in combat

[Ebm] Let all that [C#m] sacred soil
[E] Dissolve as [Bb7] oceans boil
[Abm] Small [G6] ailments can [Ddim] soothe the [Gm7] soul

[F#] Tend to those [E] tiny things
[Abm6] Loose fences, [Bb7] film-star chins
[Abm] Crow [G6] Mother will [Ddim] fly you [F#] home

[Ddim] [F#]


We’re [Cm] building a house so it [Gm] falls down
Of [Cm] cardboard and stucco and [Gm] tin
[Bbm] You might [F#m6] ask why
[G7] But watch [F#m6] lead fly

They’re [Cm] glowering now in the [Gm] churchyard
Their [Cm] minister bids them to [Gm] dig
[Bbm] Good spade, [F#m6] pick-axe
[Fdim] Watch out for bear traps

[Ebm] Oh such a [C#m] snooze we had
[E6] Until it [Bb7] all went bad
[Abm] One [G6] ballot sees the [Ddim] cover [Gm7] blown

[F#] Punch-drunk Cau [E] casian sheikh
[Abm6] Owns all af [Bb7] fairs of state
[Abm] Crow [G6] Mother will [Ddim] fly you [F#] home

[Ddim] [F#]


[Am] Here comes the [G] civic mob
[Bb] Aw shucks, what [Am] were the odds
[Bb7] Fear, [Gm7] anger – to [Fm] each their own

[Gm] Foot soldiers [Fmaj7] of despair
[Bb7] Revenge on [Gmaj7] saboteurs
[Bb7] Crow [Gm7] Mother, be [Fm7] hold your [G7] former [Cm] home


We’ve [Cm] given it back to the [Gm] ocean
The [Cm] area code and the [Gm] soil
[Bbm] Fish swim, [F#m6] kelp thrives
[C#7/F] No further turmoil

[Ebm] Where backyards [C#m] sanctified
[E] Disssolved in [Bb7] floods denied
[Abm] One [G6] ballot built a [Ddim] butcher’s [Gm7] throne

[F#] Caucasian [E] sultan clown
[Abm6] Sent rage skyward, [Bb7] don’t look down
[Abm] Crow [G6] Mother will [Ddim] fly you [Bbm] home
[Ddim] Fly [C#m] you [Abm7] home