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My Child Is Alive! by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[D] [Fm] [F#] [Bb7] (x2)


He [Am] never knew the mother, they just [Cm] fell together once
Did [F7] what he could to [Dm6] dodge her until after [Am] nine full months
The [Am] baby didn’t make it, quite a [Cm] scandal in the town
Daddy [F7] joined the civil [Dm6] clergy, gained sal [Am] vation profound
[Cm6] Now the police for the [Cdim] cover they need
Make his [F7/A] lovers believe my [Eb] child’s alive! [Abmaj7]

[Eb] [Abmaj7]

[Aaug] [Ebm7] (x2)



Then [Am] on to Palo Alto, where old [Cm] Atlas never shrugs
He rode [F7] onto Palo [Dm6] Alto, cashed the [Am6] teenage misfit’s grudge
He’s de [Am] nouncing her for murder, though live [Cm] birth has been disproved
Homi [F7] cidal adver [Dm6] torial, proof of [Am] sale removed
[Cm6] Hunt saboteurs, Shankhill [Cdim] legionnaires
All [F7/A] swear that my [Eb] child is alive!

[Abmaj7] Lean in on democracy with your
[Bb] Steak breath and your [Fm7] nostrils a [Cm7] blaze [Ab6]
[Abmaj7] Print that judge’s home address because
[Bb] He said there was [Fm7] no way I’m
[Cm7] Granddad to those [Eb] hunt sabs & I [Cm7] hate [Bbm6] that [Ab] [G]

[Adim] Mother Church – keep Mick America sweet
I don’t [F7/A] need the receipt ‘cos my [Eb] child [Fm7b5] is a [Eb] live [Fm7b5]


[Eb] [Fm7b5]

(Think only positive thoughts and put them immediately into action)