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Pawnshop Riches by Cathal Coughlan

From Cathal Coughlan’s 2002 The Sky’s Awful Blue album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


A [Em] garden [Bm] town
In [Dm] flush of [Am] spring

[D] Pawnshop riches [G]
[D] Pawnshop riches [G]


The [Em] church spires [Bm] groan
The [Dm] wild flowers [Am] sting

[D] Liver craving stitches [G]
[D] Pawnshop riches [G]

[F] So take the jewellery down the [Bbmaj7] street
[F] Promise gently that you’ll [Bbmaj7] bring it back next week
[Gmaj7] Truth like nation-builders [Am] speak

[D] Pawnshop riches [G]
[D] Pawnshop riches [G]


The [Em] body [Bm] primed
Black [Dm] dawn ar [Am] rives

[D] Lying for my life [G]
[D] Lying for my life [G]


Se [Em] rene she [Bm] sleeps
Thus [Dm] ebbs our [Am] time

[D] Lying for my life [G]
[D] Praying for new life [G]

[F] The roaming lover lives up [Bbmaj7] stairs
[F] He keeps his shack-job [Bbmaj7] unaware
[Gmaj7] But I did worse when I lived [Am] there

[D] Lying for my life [G]
[D] Who needs this snatched life? [G]
[D] Lying for my life [G]

[F] So take her jewels down the [Bbmaj7] street
[F] No judge in Garden Town will [Bbmaj7] hang you for a thief
[Gmaj7] Now that it knows you’ll never [Am] leave

[D] Pawnshop riches [G] (x4)