Rancho Tetrahedron #2 by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2010 Rancho Tetrahedron album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Cm] Endless summer and the [Bb] rising [Bm] tide

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Cm] Incoming ocean brushes [Bb] all a [Bm] side

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Fm] Highways, [Eb6] fairways and [Abm6] driveways [Cm] drown,
[Fm] They’ve sent the [Eb6] coastguard to the [Abdim] well-armed [Bb] hill towns
[Fm] To those who [Eb6] matter, there’s no [Fm] need to [Gm] frown
[Bbm7] We’re [Eb6] agile and [Ebm] unbou [F7] nd


[Cm] Bought up some tricolours, some [Bb] stars, some [Bm] stripes

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Cm] To give us universal [Bb] squatters’ [Bm] rights

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Fm] We’ll get our [Eb6] bandwidth from a [Abm6] failed-state [Cm] source
[Fm] We’ll film in [Eb6] Asia, on its [Abdim] thawing northeast [Fm] coast
A team of [Eb6] experts in a [Ab] leaky [Gm] boat

[F] [G7] Couldn’t somebody [Abm] die
So we do have a [C#m] show
Must they all have de [F#7] grees, can’t they wear fewer [C#m] clothes
Somebody must [Em] win, the spotlights must [C7] spin

[Em7b5] [B] Couldn’t somebody [Abm] die
Come on let’s have a [C#m] vote
Conflagration and [F#7] suicide cults are its [C#m] scope
What do you [Em] mean – the show won’t be [C7] seen

It [Bm] still works for me [Eb] [C#7]


[Cm] Contestants battle with the [Bb] melting [Bm] ice

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Cm] 3D action streaming [Bb] day and [Bm] night

[Adim] [Fm] [Cm] (x2)

[Fm] We’ll adver [Eb6] tise the best of [Abm6] our new [Cm] home
[Fm] Shamanic [Eb6] resorts selling [Abdim] local [Bb] gemstones
[Fm] No more e [Eb6] lections, just [Ab] sports and [Gm] phones

[F] [G7] Couldn’t somebody [Abm] die?
That’s the least they could [C#m] do
Celebrating their [F#7] lives, now those lives are all [C#m] screwed
All fictions are [Em] true, there’s nothing to [C7] lose

[Em7b5] [B] Couldn’t somebody [Abm] die
We must hire a new [C#m] staff
The kind that won’t [F#7] whimper at everyday [C#m] facts
Purpose will [Em] come as we inter [C7] act

[Bm] Silicon [G/A] can’t die
And [Bm] therefore why would I

(Ann, you’d be perfect for Rancho Tetahedron)