Song Of Co-Aklan by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


Hamster live [D] stream of the high defi [Bm7] nition
Boil hamster quite [E7] soon for a feast during [F#m7] bombs
Deep-frying some [D] shelves, updating their [Bm7] profile
Dig tunnel by [E7] night to places of [F#m7] safety

[Em] We’ll make a [Em7] video call when [Bb] ceilings are falling
Paris still in [Em7] India, Narendra fixed it fo [Bb] r me
[Em7] All alone, we have time, [Bb] vacuum food for TV
Tell me [G6] when, tell me when, tell me [Gm7] when


[D] Raise your hands if you [Bm7] don’t know what you mean
Emotional [E7] fixes, cadavers in [F#m7] ditches
[D] Feast your eyes where your [Bm7] money goes to die
Feeling af [E7] fronted? Blame the un [F#m7] wanted


An executive [D] race, expert in an [Bm7] instant
Short cut to the [E7] chase for a screen-reading [F#m7] ace

[Em] Tie-lines from [Em7] Lockerbie Moor to [Bb] Lower Manhattan
’til we sink be [Em7] low the waves of very black moust [Bb] aches
[Em7] Homeless in gainful employ, [Bb] losers lost to the shore
DN [G6] A on parade for the [Gm7] rage


[D] Raise your hands, form a [Bm7] continental wave
Turn on the hy [E7sus4] sterics for old men without [F#m7] merit
[D] Make walls rise where your [Bm7] money goes to die
And when you’re [E7] prompted, blame the un [F#m7] wanted


[B7/D#] One lunatic, acting alone
[Fdim] One lunatic, loving his home
[B7/D#] One lunatic’s Paypal insights
I can’t [F#7] tell you the price, just an antique device

[B7/D#] Bob Nairac’s home from the hill
[G9#5] Bob Nairac’s issued a bill
[B7/D#] His leadership mustn’t be spurned
He was [F#7] burned but not turned


That city is [D] gone, just rubble and [Bm7] sunshine
Space-time is re [E7] tooled, six governments [F#m7] rule

[Em] We’ll make a [Em7] video call for [Bb] buttocks of botox
We’re an exca [Em7] vation all done, Ohio fixed it fo [Bb] r me
[Em7] All alone, we have time, [Bb] jammy smears on TV
Set a [G6] gainst the defence of Ko [Gm7] blenz


[D] Raise your hands if you [Bm7] don’t know what this means
No silicon [E7] fixes, just Kitchener’s [F#m7] britches
[D] Feast your eyes, seems the [Bm7] robots up and died
Feeling af [E7] fronted? (Come on, blame the unwanted)