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Tangerine by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2022 E.P. of Co-Aklan EP. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Gm] [Adim] (x2)


[Gm] Round the old folks’ home comes the march of fake [Adim] blood
[Gm] Trudging on as if shod in western front [F] mud [F7]
[Fm] Wheelchairs and walkers, those aren’t [G7] costumes
[F#dim] The P.A. laughs the monster [Bb/D] mash [C7/E]


[Gm] Spray-on bandages, painted sutures, coal [Adim] eyes
[Gm] Onto sunless skin, extra white’s been ap [F] plied [F7]
[Bbm] Some pagan seasonal ob [Adim] servants
[F#] Cauterized and stamped on greeting [Fm] cards


[Gm] No believers here, words were coined to con [Adim] test
[Gm] Were we friends one time? No, don’t say – let me [F] guess [F7]
[Bbm] Faced into open-ended [Adim] winter
[F#] Real death haunts the bars and airplane [Fm] aisles
[Bbm] The cost of comfort still as [Adim] sail us
[F#] War hides in philanthropic [Fm] smiles


[Ebm] Oh how we love [Fm] tangerine
[Ebm] Paint your sainted [Bb7] Nazarene
[Ebm] And bare a fang for [Fm] Halloween
[Ebm] Traditions baked – oh, who [Bb7] cares what they mean

[Ebm] Oh how we love [Fm] tangerine
[Ebm] Metastasis [Bb7] lights up the silver screen
[Ebm] Oh how we love [Fm] tangerine
[Ebm] Weave my shroud of [Bb7] neoprene

[Ebm] [F] [F7] [Bbm]