The Big Lukewarm by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 1996 Grand Necropolitan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug

[G] [Gadd#11] (x2)

[Dm] Children who’ve [Dm7] lost their [Gadd#11] mother
[Dm] While out her [Dm7] farewell [Gadd#11] day
They [F] fidget, [D] sit still, [G6] no one cries
[C/D] “What’s a [D] sui [Gadd#11] cide”

[Dm] Two rooms a [Dm7] way, their [Gadd#11] father smiles
He’s [Dm] pin-eyed and [Dm7] drinking [Gadd#11] wine
It [C/D] seems old [D] friends will [G6] gather round
And [F] talk crap [D] at such [A/G] times

[C] Speaking of [Cmaj7] which, there’s no [Ebmaj7] shortage of it
And it [D7] sounds like some bad Eighties [G] movie script
[C] Shielding the [Cmaj7] face of their true [Ebmaj7] sleepy disgrace
The [D7] binges, flings, and [Abmaj7] rifts seated with hate

Blow a [Gm] way, blow away
Un [Fm7] learning, unformed
The [Cdim] Big Luke [E7] warm

[F] [A6] (x2)

[Dm] [Dm7] [Gadd#11] (x4)

[Dm] Pour William [Dm7] Hurt a [Gadd#11] whisky
Come on, [Dm] drink it for [Dm7] him as [Gadd#11] well
And [C/D] write some [D] cheques for that [G6] Kevin Kline
For the [F] way he [D] said those [A/G] lines

Now [C] it’s time to [Cmaj7] leave but there’s [Ebmaj7] no place to go
Just [D7] hostile streets and other [G] people’s homes
It [C] feels like a [Cmaj7] game – Lifelong [Ebmaj7] Failure is its name
They [D7] pounce on each pause and [Abmaj7] fill it with noise

Blow a [Gm] way, blow away
See it [Fm7] mass like a storm
The [Cdim] Big Luke [E7] warm

[F] [A6] (x2)

The [Cdim] Big Luke [E7] war [F] m [A6]