The Lobster’s Dream by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Am] [G] [C] [Dm7] [Ddim] [Am]


[Am] Detox [G] on a [C] charted [Dm6] Boeing
[Am] Mayor [Ddim] must ab [Am] scond
[Am] Zurich [G] credit [C] confir [F6] mation
Hel [Am] lo Se [Ddim] vasto [Am] pol

Let’s [C] contemplate his [Abdim] fat wristwatch
[Am] Not his pink-grey [Em] skin
[Am] Lobster [G] crossing [C] seven [F6] deserts
[D] Where the [Fm6] hell you’ve [Am] been?


[Am] Trawler [G] boarded, [C] ski masks [Dm6] fastened
[Am] Stabbing [Ddim] motions [Am] calm
[Am] Once a [G] shore they’ll [C] strafe each [F6] cafe
On [Am] Petain [Ddim] Boule [Am] vard

A [C] data stream from a [Abdim] distant land
Pro [Am] claims the A-O [Em] K
[Am] Lobster [G] crossing [C] seven [F6] deserts
[E7sus4] Dressed in [Bm7b5] hat and [E] tails

[A] One more strolling [C] play [D] er
[A] Cameras close be [Gm7] hind


[F7] Dream for the dimming mind
Or for [F7] monkey and monkey-kind
Cinder-baked [Ebm] day
Til night-light sets [Fmaj7] dunes ablaze

A [F7] bulletin in every hour
The [F7] future is lobster-powered
Embassy [Ebm] dregs pump the oil and [Amaj7] grind out [Cmaj7] meds
From [Amaj7] lobster [Cmaj7] legs

[Gm7] [Am7] [Gm7] [Dm]


[Am] Now they [G] dredge up [C] her love- [Dm6] letters
[Am] Inno [Ddim] cent as [Am] charged
[Am] All she [G] did was [C] hush up [Bm5b5] murder
[Am] By the [G] eavesdrop [Am] star

Of [C] back-lit screen and [Abdim] truncheon’s gleam
His [Am] gaze levied a [Em] tax
[Am] Lobster [G] scaling [C] Crystal [F6] Palace
With an [E7sus4] alehouse [Bm7b5] carpark [E] axe

We’re [A] off to Sigmar [C] in [D] gen
To [A] air the halls and [Gm7] shrines


So [F7] dream for the shrinking mind
Of these [F7] monarchs of monkey-kind
Eloquence, [Ebm] guile ‘neath mouldy care home [Fmaj7] ceiling tiles

The [F7] Ode to Joy jumps and distorts
You’re now [F7] leaving the Age of Remorse
Floodwater [Ebm] seeps
Our [Ebm] lobster, desti [Amaj7] nation [Cmaj7] reached
[Amaj7] Will now [Cmaj7] speak


[Amaj7] [Cmaj7]