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Two Grotesques, Embracing by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 1996 Grand Necropolitan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug




[D6] They’re not kind or pure or good
But [D6] now are still as blocks of wood
It’s [Em7] not a show

[D6] In the black of hopeless day
They [D6] snuggle happy hours away
Sin [Em7] cere and slow


[C#m] And the truth of their lives and their mashed in [Gmaj7] tent
Both [C#m] count as little as their gender or [E] voyeurs’ con [F#m] tempt [Ab7]

[F#m] La la la la [Gmaj7] laaa laaa [F6] aa (x2)


The [D6] garb is drab, the slack physique
Two [D6] bozos lounging cheek-to-cheek
On the [E] plains of [Bm] hell [E] [Bm]

[D6] In a time of bad to worse
Of [D6] mothers blown from babies they nursed
It [E] does not seem [Bm] fair to [E] wish them [Bm] well


[C#m] One thief and one killer making [E] free [C#m] and [D] firm
[C#m] With all the openness and affection they de [E] ny [C#m] the [F#m] world [Ab7]

[F#m] La la la la [Gmaj7] laaa laaa [F6] aa (x2)

[C#m] Do they peer over shoulder as they [E] stay [C#m] in [D] close?
[C#m] Do they guess with their eyes closed where their [E] current [C#m] de [F#m] sire is going to make them [Ab7] go?


[G] Oil the locks and check the latch
It’s two grotesques embracing
But [E7] they’ll be back

[F#m] [Gmaj7] [F6] (x2)

You [F#m] can’t impress the [Gmaj7] strangers when you [F6] try
Oh no you [F#m] can’t impress the [Gmaj7] strangers when you [F6] try