Unrealtime by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2021 Song of Co-Aklan album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug



[Gm] The Gaelic [D7/F#] Rhine, [Bbm] paleface, [G] springtime
[Bbm] They asked my [Fm] thoughts, [Cm7] kindly
[Gm] Park bench and [D7/F#] trees, [Bbm] chill farmland [G] breeze
[Bbm] Boats bob and [Fm] knock, [Cm7] mindlessly

[Abmaj7] Let me know someone [Cm] recollects
[Abmaj7] Let me know I was [Gm7] seen
[Abmaj7] No surprise if it’s [Cm7] otherwise
[Fm] Silver [Fm7] light has [D7sus4] breached [D7] me

[Bm] Fifteen stories down be [Bm7b5] low
[Bm] Smoggy streets I used to [Bm7b5] know

Close [Dm] out, close [C#dim] in, lead- [Dm] lined doors [C#dim] swing
Struck [Dm7] mute, flake- [Eb6] skinned – this [Am7b5] grevious turn of [F7] spring


[Gm] See Loved Lough [D] Ine, [Bbm] feast your mind’s [G] eye
[Bbm] Cells rea [Fm] lign to nothing

Close [Dm] here, close [C#dim] there, ex [Dm] empt no [C#dim] where
Must [Dm7] cut, must [Eb6] burn, for [Am7b5] pale re [Eb6] turn
The [Dm7] trusts be [Eb6] trayed, the [Dm7] debts un [Eb6] paid
Those [Dm7] mad bright [Eb6] days roll [F7] by


[Gm] Base metal [D7/F#] cross – [Bbm] not stone, low [G] cost
[Bbm] Life stories [Fm] lost: un [Cm7] realtime