Whitechapel Mound by Cathal Coughlan

From the Cathal Coughlan’s 2000 Black River Falls album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug




They’re [Bb/D] dumping Mayfair [Am] magazines from the [Dm7] shop beside the [Fmaj7] mosque
Some [Bb/D] wheezing children peek at them as the [Dm7] rain dissolves their [Am] gloss
The [Dm7] angel has been taken from the [Bb/D] vacant dosshouse block
[Gm] No [Am] charge, no [Gm] cost


The [Bb/D] alchemist of [Am] shopping carts sits [Dm7] on his salvaged [Fmaj7] throne
In the [Bb/D] sealed-up air-raid shelter which he [Dm7] annexed for his [Am] home
In the [Dm7] good old 1970s when the [Bb/D] nihilist was king
Each [Gm] wall [Am] has a [Gm] theme
Same [Gm] smudged [Am] dockyard [Gm] scene

He [Em] hums as he [A7] paces the [Em] flo [A7] or
It [Em] can’t be much [A7] longer, for [Em] sur [A7] e
Til [Em] cheque-books are [A7] stripped for his [Em] pa [A7] y
And [Em] flame-haired young [A7] snobs beg to [Em] sta [A7] y

You [Dm] don’t [Am7] come a [Bb6] round
After [Dm] White [Am7] chapel [Bb6] Mound


The [Bb/D] millionaire con [Am] servator, with [Dm7] skull and crossbones [Fmaj7] tie
[Bb/D] Eyed the trembling supplicant “You [Dm7] know I paid for [Am] lies”
“We [Dm7] need you ten years younger on the [Bb/D] needle, on the rob”
“Now get [Gm] out [Am] of my [Gm] sight!”


They [Bb/D] go about in [Am] silence and their [Dm7] lie is not their [Fmaj7] own
It was [Bb/D] written for them years ago but [Dm7] now it’s over [Am] grown
Like the [Dm7] heating duct they moved to when they [Bb/D] got thrown off the roads
You [Gm] can’t [Am] scrounge a [Gm] deal
Or get [Gm] close e [Am] nough to [Gm] steal

In a [Em] cube of that [A7] grey soupy [Em] light [A7]
The [Em] alcove Ma [A7] donna re [Em] cli [A7] nes
Be [Em] low lies a [A7] room, scrawled and [Em] breached [A7]
Hear the [Em] cries of her [A7] jelly-limbed [Em] prie [A7] st
“Oh your [Em] loins are a [A7] pocalypse, [Em] dear” [A7]
He [Em] barks through the [A7] gate of his [Em] teeth [A7]
“Your de [Em] cline is the [A7] plunger of [Em] che [A7] er”
But she [Em] hears not a [A7] word as she [Em] sle [A7] eps

[Dm] Blame [Am7] less and [Bb6] sound
On [Dm] White [Am7] chapel [Bb6] Mound


[Am] [Bb/D]