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Cathal Coughlan Chords


Adoptees, The
Age Of Cling, The [Telefís]
Airstrip [Telefís]
Amused As Hell
And Springtime Followed Summer
Angry White Snail
Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics [Telefís]
Ayatollah Cornelius [North Sea Scrolls]


Bacon Singer, The
Ballytransnational [Telefís]
Best Say We’re Not Serious
Big Lukewarm, The
Big Wax Hand
Black Confetti
Black River Falls


Cathaginians, The [Telefís]
Cast Me Out In My Hometown
Castione Angelus, The [Telefís]
Centre Revisited, The
Circling Over Shannon [Telefís]
Copper Beech, The
Crow Mother


Dark Parlour
Denial Of The Right To Dream
Drunken Hangman, A


Eerin Go Braghag
Epiphany Season
Examined Life, The


Falling Out North Street
Falun Gong Dancer [Telefís]
Feed The Light [Telefís]
Female Line, The
Foburg (They Bought)
Frankfurt Cowboy Yodel
Free And Worthless
Free Parachutist
Frond Seller, The
Fur Jacket On A Hot Night


Garrai na Muic
Ghost Of Limehouse Cut, The
God Bless Mr X
Goodbye Sadness


Hare Coursing In Mayfair [Telefís]


Imperial Angelus, The [Telefís]
Intake Room, The
Irrational Falsifier


Knockout Artist, The


Last Lamplighter, The / Grand Necropolitan Promenade
Last Of Eternity, The / California Sour
Laszlo Plantagenet Loves The Sun
Let’s Flood The Fairground
Lobster’s Dream, The


Mister Imperator [Telefís]
Mr Bib’s Saorstát Star Time
Mr Cynthia [North Sea Scrolls]
My Child Is Alive!


New Royale, The
North Esk


Officer Material
On A Country Road [Telefís]
On The Parish
Ophelia Crescent Is Burning
Out Among The Ruins
Owl In The Parlour


Papal Pagan, The
Passed Out Dog
Pawnshop Riches
Picadors [Telefís]


Rancho Tetrahedron #2
Rat Poison Rendezvous


Sacrament Of Killing, The
Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse [Telefís]
Sex Bunting [Telefís]
Shipman Memorial
Song Of Co-Aklan
Space Is Us [Telefís]
St. Wellbeing Axe
Stampede [Telefís]
Stock Photo Guy [Telefís]
Stop The Lights [Telefís]
Strawboy Supernova [Telefís]
Straying Away
Sultan Of Coltan County, The
Swinging At The Hypnodrome [Telefís]
Symphonies Of Danny La Rue, The [Telefís]


Terylene Ghosts In The Sunshine
There Goes Waterface
This Building
Three Rusty Reivers
Tim Hardin MP [North Sea Scrolls]
Toxic Mother
Two Grotesques Embracing


Unbroken Ones


Waiting For Wood, Captain
We Are The Sinister World Government
We Need [Telefís]
We See Showbands [Telefís]
White’s Academy
Whitechapel Mound
Widening The Gravel Road
Witches In The Water [North Sea Scrolls]


You Turned Me