A Pack Of Lies by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1990 Viva Dead Ponies album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Em] [C] [Bm] (x4)


They [Em7] first met at the hospital, she was checking out for good
Her [Em7] body patched but past repair, and there her angel stood
She was [D] feeling quite confused now [C] that her [D] death was close at hand [C]
She [D] had to face eternity, [C] so why [D] not this mumbling man [C]
[Em7] Got himself a wedding suit at a local warrant sale
It be [Em7] longed to some old Turkish man who’d owed and gone to jail
He would [D] coax her mind with talk of [C] love to [D] make her body kind [C]
Because [D] people hate the truth, you know, they [Am] need their pack of [Em7] lies [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [E7] [C] [Bm]


Growing [Em7] tired of being foreign, being spat on and shortchanged
He de [Em7] manded that she leave with him for the land from whence he came
They were [D] herded on like cattle [C] to a [D] ferry at high tide [C]
This [D] unkempt, aging orphan [C] and his [D] helpless, dying bride [C]
But he [Em7] left her at the other shore crying on the deck
She was [Em7] slumped against the rail as he had struck to free his neck
And the [D] customs shed was empty [C] as he [D] made his way inside [C]
There were no [D] chimpanzees in uniform to [Am] hear his pack of [Em7] lies [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [E]


Now she’s as [Cmaj7] cending into heaven with con [Bm7] tentment on her [Em] face [C] [Bm] [Em] [C] [Bm]
And Holy [Cmaj7] God is there to greet and batter [Bm7] her into her [Em] place [C] [Bm] [Em] [C] [Bm]


Ah but [Em7] meanwhile back on Earth it seems the prodigal returned
They’re [Em7] making him the chieftain and they’ve come to him to learn
How the [D] neighbours in the rich land [C] made us [D] steal and kill and lie [C]
And [D] when they ask who culls the weaklings [C] there he just [D] shrugs and says, Not I! [C]
Though sur [Em7] rounded by diseases, I stood tall and kept my health
I [Em7] could have been important if I’d been somebody else
The [D] moral of this story [C] is: This [D] land’s a victim-farm [C]
Don’t you [D] ever feed a beggar [C] here, he’ll [D] eat your fucking arm [C]
And [D] don’t blaspheme the strong ones [C] if you [D] want to stay alive [C]
Now [D] smile and give them thanks [C] when they say, [Am] Here’s a pack of [Em7] lies! [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [Em7] [C] [Bm] [E]