Angel’s Delight by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1990 Viva Dead Ponies album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Dmaj7] [Emadd9] [A7sus4] (x6)


A [Dmaj7] necklace of rubber [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
[Dmaj7] Burning bright [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
A [Dmaj7] burning rubber necklace [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
For my [Dmaj7] angel’s delight [Emadd9] [A7sus4]

A [F#m7] holiday in a box, [Emadd9] opportunity [A7sus4] knocks
For the [Dmaj7] rich man’s militia [Emadd9] photographing my [A7sus4] block
[Dmaj7] Kill a cop [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
Ah, [Dmaj7] why the hell not? [Emadd9]


[C] [D] [C] [B]

Burn, motherfucker, burn
Come on come on come on come on
I got a word for you – dead
Gonna trampoline your fuckin’ head

[C] [D] (x4)

[Dmaj7] [Emadd9] [A7sus4] (x2)


You [Dmaj7] roll down my street [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
In your [Dmaj7] gleaming new car [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
I’ve got no [Dmaj7] secrets, cash or time left to [Emadd9] give [A7sus4] you
Oh but I’ve [Dmaj7] got something else for [Emadd9] you, my friend [A7sus4]

There’s a [Dmaj7] crack in the restless night, [Emadd9] a broken bone on the [A7sus4] pavement
[Dmaj7] Angel’s delight [Emadd9] was a recurring [A7sus4] statement
[Dmaj7] Burn a bailiff [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
Come on – [Dmaj7] spill, don’t save it [Gmaj7]


[C] [D] [C] [B]

Burn, motherfucker, burn
Run, run, run, run
You can have what you ask, but not in cash
With a credit card, a payment slashed
You can put it where your mouth used to be
You can put it where your dick used to be
You can do it when you’re looking at me, looking at you
Blacklist blacklist blacklist blacklist
What do you do when words collapse
And all that’s left is broken glass?
I know, I know I’m trapped

[C] [D] (x4)


[Dmaj7] [Emadd9] [A7sus4]

[Dmaj7] Oh yes, oh [Emadd9] yes [A7sus4]

I’ve got a [Dmaj7] holiday in a [Emadd9] big oak [A7sus4] box
With my [Dmaj7] friend, the famous PC [Emadd9] Plod, Plod, [A7sus4] Plod
[Dmaj7] Kill a cop, [Emadd9] kill a [A7sus4] cop
You lay a [Dmaj7] hand on me, I’m gonna [Emadd9] kill you, [A7sus4] cop
[Dmaj7] Hey! Let’s all [Emadd9] kill some [A7sus4] cops
[Dmaj7] Some bailiffs [Emadd9] [A7sus4]
[Dmaj7] Assholes [Emadd9] [A7sus4]