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Brain Blister by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1994 Lost in the Former West album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug




[Am7] In rags in their [C] normal [Em7] place
[Am7] Where diesel ma [C] chines roar [Em7] by
[Em] Pale dawn, at the [Am7] scrapyard gates
[Dm] Fast food parks and hardware [G7] mine [Bb] s
[G7] Mine [Bb] s


[Am7] Not smiling or [C] frowning [Em7] they
[Am7] The shades on the [C] fringe of [Em7] town
[Em] Unpaid, idle, [Am7] lending [C] shape
To the [Dm] gravity which they say has
[G7] Dragged this country [Bb] down
This [G7] beautiful country [Bb] down

[Cm7] Close off the backstreets, no one goes
[Cm7] Bring on the ice, the game show


[Gm7] Brain blister
[Gm7] Brain blister
[Bb] Brain blister
[Bb] Brain blister
[Gm7] Brain blist [Bb] er
[Gm7] Brain [Bb] blist [Gm7] er [Bb]


[Am7] The bigger the [C] roadside [Em7] crowd
[Am7] The denser the [C] gameshow [Em7] cloud
[G] There’s nothing real on that churning screen
[Dm] Just nonsense which might [Em7] mean:

[E] “Like it? Good. No? Tough!
[E] Pen them in and shut them up
[E] Slow march, eyes right
Save [E] all your revolution for your Saturday night”


[Gm7] [Bb] [Gm7]


[Am7] You earn but you [C] feel op [Em7] pressed
[Am7] The armour could [C] do with a [Em7] test
[G] Why not betray your lover’s trust?
[Dm] Go ahead and push it until it bursts


[Am7] You’re back on the [C] streets a [Em7] gain
[Am7] No armour, no [C] dreams, no [Em7] friends
[G] The worst pain is behind the eyes
[Dm] Where the killer of futures

[G] Hi [Bb] des
[G] Still hi [Bb] des

[Cm7] They’ve closed the backstreets, [F7] you can’t [Cm7] hide
[Cm7] If you feel brave, just [F7] step out [Cm7] side
[Cm7] Where all tomorrows [F7] stink the [Cm7] same
[Cm7] Where night vi [F7] brates with cries of:


[Gm7] [Bb] (x4)

[Gm7] Brain blister
[Bb] Brain blister
[Gm7] Brain blister
[Bb] Brain blister

[Am7] Brain blister (x5)

Well, we [Am7] laughed till dawn about the [C] coming hell
Note: I can’t make out the lyrics (chords [Am7] and [C]).
We [Am7] learned to live without [C] rest or hope
But you’ll [Am7] never admit we [C] live a joke


The [Am7] patient is fading fast
But just ig [Am7] nore it cause it’s just an act