Go Home Bible Mike by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1992 Valhalla Avenue album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


“One was taking the gate down today, and one reads the Bible.”

[C7] [Bb]


[C7] Welcome to Apeville
[C7] Now you’re a citizen too
[Bb] Meet Mrs. Doreen Pompidou
She’d [Bb] like to do the shimmy on top of you
[C7] The wall is coming down
The [C7] one which holds the house up
A [Bb] brass band playing in a dumptruck
Is [Bb] visible through clouds of brick-dust

As [Dm7] people dressed as cows form an orderly queue
For a [Bbmaj7] drug that makes you dead for a second or two
I [Dm7] raise myself from my punchbowl, drowning:
The Ya [Bbmaj7] kuza are singing: It can’t be true


[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike (x4)



Her [C7] hand squeezes mine and I shudder
She says “[C7] That was one shock, now here comes another
You [Bb] really don’t remember, do you?”
I said [Bb] “Why? Am I supposed to?
Me, the [C7] slut of disheveled women
Whom [C7] fun has made sad and careless?”
Now she’s [Bb] knocked me onto the greasy floor
And her [Bb] eunuch is barring the only door

Pi [Dm7] lar, in her room above the pharmacia
[Bbmaj7] Smiles as she pictures your little thing
I [Dm7] magine her surprise when she looks through the window
And sees you [Bbmaj7] riddled with bullets
While the cops all sing:


[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike!
[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike!
You [Gm7] preach without a right
[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike!

You don’t [Gm7] make me laugh, you don’t make me horny
So [Gm7] what the hell are we doing here?


[Gm6] [C7] [Bb]

Gasping all night in this Nazi city
You bit it, I’m bleeding, we’re sliding on my blood
Humping on my blood
Market my blood!
Market my blood!
You got a tourist mind
Deaf, dumb and blind to all the pain you bring
This is more than just sin
“Am I really such a nightmare?
If I had a home I’d go there.”


[Gm7] Anytime you like
This [Gm7] court says, “Take a hike”
The [Gm7] slate will not be wiped
Just [Gm7] go home, Bible Mike
[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike
[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike
[Gm7] Go home, Bible Mike