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Humiliate Me by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1994 Lost in the Former West album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[F#m] [Dmaj7]

If ever you’re going hungry, there’s always the graveyard



[A7] Be nice or strangle me, I don’t care
[A7] Good times are not what’s lured me [D7] here
[A7] Bad clothes and sting-in-the-eye perfume
[A7] I try to stand and confess to I-don’t-know- [D7] who
Oh well the criminal insane look so gentle when they’re being entertained

[B7] Gunsmiths and [D] prison warders
A [B7] gallery of [D] brain disorders
[B7] Porn stars handcuffed [D] to their fathers
Come [B7] on!


Hu [D] mili [A] ate [Ab] me! [G] (x4)



[A7] “And I’ll come sex with you if you pay”
[A7] I tell a stranger who silently turns a [D7] way
[A7] I strip naked and I head for the open door
[A7] The man in the tux holds it open
He’s [D7] seen it all, he’s seen it all, he’s seen it all before
Say, [A7] I am now dressed befitting my coming death

[B7] Come on, don’t [D] be so useless
[B7] Don’t I stir [D] any juices
As I [B7] dance the dance of the [D] seven nooses?
[B7] Lovely!


Hu [D] mili [A] ate [Ab] me! [G] (x4)

Note: In the next section we have (in no particular order) some C# chords, maybe a C#maj7, and some other more subtle “shades.” I’m sorry but I can’t make it out properly.

Some people dress for success
They press the flesh under savage duress
Me, I stay quiet ’til the moment is right
Then stand clear if you don’t want a terrible night
I’m not so much about stopping the rot
I just want to see the little guy on top
I’ll pay to see the little guy on top


[A7] [D7]

Note: Cathal sounds like he’s in need of a priest in this section. Other than “Look at me look at me look at me &cetera” I can’t make out a word of it.


[B7] If you run your country like a [D] private prison
[B7] Expect the [D] world’s derision
[B7] Why, they wouldn’t baptize you with a [D] snail’s emission
So [B7] come on


Hu [D] mili [A] ate [Ab] me! [G]

Humiliate me

(15 or 20 times, with some demonic screaming for good measure)

Note: Cathal says something at the very end. What exactly? God only knows.