On Suicide Bridge by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1993 compilation Come Back My Children. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Gm7] On [C6] Suicide Bridge
I [Daug] found myself one spring [Cm6] morning, in the frigid sunshine
[Gm7] [C6] Weary of the humiliations of Crouch End
[Daug] [Cm6] There I was, an old lady [Gm7] passed me
She smiled and said, “Good [C6] morning, young man”
[Daug] I looked at her and I said, [Cm6] “I’m going to kill myself.”
[Gm7] She smiled again [C6] and said, “Yes,
[Daug] I think that’s a very good idea.” [Cm6]


[Em7] [Bbmaj7]
[Em7] [Bbmaj7]
[Em7] [Bbmaj7] [C6] [G/A] [C6] [G/A]


On [Gm7] Suicide Bridge one winter’s day
My [C6] eyes were sprouting lemons
I had [Daug] paid a Greek to listen to me speak
He said [Cm6] “Limasol,” she beckons
Unto my [Gm7] subjects gathered beneath me there
I [C6] gave a mighty roar
“Wi-me- [Daug] too-rye-ah, fah-la-deedle-dah”
“Shut [Cm6] up, Irish bore!”


[Em7] [Bbmaj7]
[Em7] [Bbmaj7]
[Em7] [Bbmaj7] [C6] [G/A] [C6] [G/A]


[Gm7] Come back, my [C6] children!
[Daug] Come back! Come back! [Cm6]
All that was lost [Gm7] has been regained [C6]
Shall remain with us, [Daug] now and forever [Cm6] … amen

[Gm7] Come back! Come [C6] back!
Come back, my [Daug] children! Come back! [Cm6]


[Gm7] [C6] [Daug] [Cm6]