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Perfumes Of Paradise by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1992 Valhalla Avenue album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Am] [G6] (x2)


[Am] Somebody’s [G6] threatened you, [Am] well, you know [G6] why
[Am] Time now to [G6] pay for mis [Em6] deeds you de [Am] ny

[Dm] [Cmaj7] (x2)

[Am] Life can be [G6] cheerless in [Am] intensive [G6] care
[Am] Keep a cool [G6] head and you [Em7] won’t know you’re [Am] there

You [Dm] won’t need a [Cmaj7] shot when you [Dm] sniff just a [Cmaj7] drop
Of the [F] perfumes of [Ab] para [G6] dise

“Then we’re dead”


Yet more Mansions madness. For the first bit, your guess is as good as mine. Possibly a combination of some of these chords:

[Emaj7] [Gaug] [Em7] [Abmaj7] [Adim] [G-D] [Em] [A7]

(Or not.)


[Dm] [Cmaj7] (x2)


[Am] Bulldoze the [G6] street where they [Am] said you were [G6] born
[Am] Take a new [G6] name and be [Em7] fore it put [Am] “Lord”

[Dm] Tranquil and [Cmaj7] slow, [Dm] nostrils a [Cmaj7] glow
With the [F] perfumes of [Ab] para [G6] dise

[Dm] [Cmaj7] (x4)


From my [Gm] bed to the [F] street it is [Gm] 30 [F] paces (and [Gm] getting [F] nearer) [Gm] [F]
And I [Gm] sniff and re [F] pent in [Gm] all the right [F] places [Gm] [F] [Gm] [F]
And a [Gm] speeding [F] truck crashes [Gm] into the [F] front door [Gm] [F]
And the [Gm] telephone [F] rings and says [Gm] “Have you no [F] conscience?” [Gm] [F] [Gm] [F]


When [Am] planning a [G6] genocide, [Am] starting a [G6] war
[Am] Say that it’s [G6] gentler than [Em7] others [Am] before

[Dm] [Cmaj7] (x2)

It [Am] sells lots of [G6] TVs and [Am] ribbons and [G6] flags
And [Am] makes all the [G6] doubters look [Em7] spineless and [Am] bad

Even [Dm] big heads of [Cmaj7] state should [Dm] spray in their [Cmaj7] wake
The [F] perfumes of [Ab] para [G6] dise

[Dm] [Cmaj7] (x2)