Sunken Cities by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1994 Lost in the Former West album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug




[G] Through sunken cities, blameless
[G] Strangers now but trust re [Am] newed [D]
[D] Silence decades [G] long, retreating
We [Am] laugh as though each [D] joke was [G] new
[D] In the ruins [G] finding treasures
[Am] Lost where life was [D] rent in [G] two


[G] As the courtesan of deluge
[G] I was hangman with a [Am] smile [D]
[D] Now no comforts [G] can engage me
Or [Am] sleep bring silence [D] to my [G] mind

[D] [G] [Gmaj7] [Am] [D] [G]

[G] Losing count of all the failures
The [G] early graves and Judas- [Am] hounds [D]
[D] Soon the waiting [G] will be over
And [Am] dead and living [D] stand [G] one ground

[D] All re-living [G] will be over
And [Am] restless peace at [D] last be [G] found