Valhalla Avenue by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1992 Valhalla Avenue album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Abm7] [E] [F#] [Emaj7]


You a [Abm7] wake, lying [E] still
While [F#] light makes landfall in the [Emaj7] steel suburban room
The windows [Abm7] show, row on [E] row
All the [F#] same – more people are summoned [Emaj7] round to chase to blue

[Ab] Your [A] lips still [E6] work, you [B6] know your [Ab] name
But [A] know not [E] why nor [B] whence you [Ab] came
You [A] have no [E] past, you [B] have no [A] guilt


You’ve ar [G] rived, you’ve ar [Am7] rived
[Bbmaj7] Dreams, nightmares are [F] through
You’ve ar [G] rived, you’ve ar [Am7] rived
On [Bbmaj7] Valhalla Ave [C7] nue


You were a [Abm7] drunk, you kept a filthy [E] home
And you [F#] hated hard with con [Emaj7] fusion in your heart
The barren [Abm7] weeks, the amnesiac [E] years
You’d put the [F#] world off till tomorrow and let de [Emaj7] spair tear you apart

[Ab] Well, [A] now they’re [E6] breaking [B] down the [Ab] door
You [A] hide a [E6] way, [B] safe no [Ab] more
Scream [A] as they [E6] drag you [B] from your [A] bed

[A] When you recount from a bleeding head


You’ve ar [G] rived, you’ve ar [Am7] rived
But re [Bbmaj7] demption was not for [F] you
You’ve ar [G] rived – good [Am7] bye
To [Bbmaj7] Valhalla Ave [C7] nue

[G] So long! Cheeri [Am7] o! Bye bye!
[Bbmaj7] I’ll see you later on! [F] Next time, I hope it’s fun!

[G] [Am7] [Bbmaj7]