Walk Yr Way by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1994 Lost in the Former West album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Gmaj7] [G6] (x4)


The [Gmaj7] days are [G6] chained like [Gmaj7] daisies [G6]
Flung [Gmaj7] on some [G6] years-old [Gmaj7] grave [G6]
On [F#m] ground un [F#m7] marked, found on [F#m] no [F#m7] chart
Or [B7sus4] map or [B] minefield [B7sus4] aid [B]

I can [Gmaj7] only [G6] change the [Gmaj7] future [G6]
I [Gmaj7] cannot [G6] change the [Gmaj7] past [G6]
I [F#m] can’t re [F#m7] call who’s [F#m] on my [F#m7] side
[B7sus4] Only [B] watch my ba [B7sus4] ck [B]

[C#m7] [G6] Through aimless [C#m7] thought
[G6] Through thoughtless [B] deed I joined with liars and [A] thieves
But behold the only [Abm] liar who’s scorned and [Abm7] told to leave


[D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way [Cm] (x3)
[D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way


Note: Not 100% certain in this section. I hear (possibly) these chords, in no particular order:

[Gm7] [Ebmaj7] [Dm] [Cm7] [Eb6] [Abm6] [G6]

A soap-opera clown
Stakes his place by her side
And he’ll sniff, pout and frown
’til she tells him the world is wrong
And his cliches are right


[Gmaj7] [G6]
[F#m] [F#m7]
[B7sus4] [B]


Now, the [Gmaj7] season [G6] never [Gmaj7] changes [G6]
Just [Gmaj7] me and [G6] my true [Gmaj7] love [G6]
In this [F#m] harbour [F#m7] bare, slate- [F#m] grey and [F#m7] hushed
Slow [B7sus4] death is [B] life e [B7sus4] nough [B]


You [Gmaj7] made of [G6] me an [Gmaj7] outcast [G6]
A [Gmaj7] suitcase- [G6] dwelling [Gmaj7] shell [G6]
You [F#m] made of [F#m7] mine a [F#m] heart of [F#m7] stone
Which you [B7sus4] dropped down a [B] bottomless [B7sus4] well [B]

[C#m7] [G6] Well, fair e [C#m7] nough
[G6] But just don’t call it [B] love when it was just lust for [A] blood
[A] And by the way, “get [Abm] out” just means “get [Abm7] out” to me


[D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way [Cm] (x4)
[D] Debts of the [G7] world are not [Ebmaj7] mine to pay [Cm]
So [D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way [Cm]
[D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way [Cm]
[D] I will [G7] walk yr [Ebmaj7] way [Cm]