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Wilderness On Time by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1989 Against Nature album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Bm7] [D] [E6] (x4)


When [Bm7] my taxi ar [D] rives
Say that I’m [A] dead
Having swallowed my [Em7] leg

And [Bm7] come to the bedroom a [D] gain
Let us be [A] gin
Shrinking the [F] walls
And counting our [F#m7] ears
In sweat, as we [G6] crawl

[Bm7] Get me to the [G6] wilder [Bm7] ness on [A] time

[Bm7] [D] [E6]
[Bm7] [Fdim] [G]


When [Bm7] I look round your [F#m7] eyes
There’s a [Bm7] space at the [G/A] side
Where ten more eyes could [Gmaj7] hide

And they’d [Bm7] squeal when they learned what I [F#m7] mean
[Bm7] Madame obs [G/A] cene
Sweating skulls [Gmaj7]clean

And my [Bm7] genuine Celticness [D] shines – oops
It just struck me [A] blind
I’m such a spiritual [Em7] guy

[Bm7] Get me to the [G6] wilder [Bm7] ness and
[Em7] Bury my leg in some [F#m7] bog
And [Em7] tell me all about right and [F#m7] wrong
And [Em7] tell me life is serious, and [F#m7] zip up your dress

And [Bm7] get me to the [G6] wilder [Bm7] ness on [A] time

[Bm7] [D] [E6]
[Bm7] [D] [E6] [A] [B7]