Your World Customer by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1994 Lost in the Former West album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[G] [Em] (x8)


In the [G] bright-lit [Em] railway station, [G] 3 A. [Em] M.
In a [G] town whose [Em] active life was [G] at an [Em] end
I was [G] met by a [Em] rich man dressed in [G] panda [Em] fur
Who said, “If [G] I keep [Em] smiling, I can [G] change the [Em] world”

[G] [Em] What world? [G] [Em] [G] [Em] [G] [Em]


“Lord [G] Straight Ba [Em] nana, Lord [G] Paper [Em] Twine
Lord [G] Biting [Em] Yo-Yo, they’re all [G] friends of [Em] mine
Lord [G] Trannie [Em] Dolequeue, Lord [G] Private [Em] Zoo
Lord [G] Hanging [Em] Bishop and Lord [G] Valium [Em] too”

[A] “I know you think you have a [C#] job
But the [G] whole world knows it’s ended
Why do you [A] laugh at the dying of the senile [C#] God
On whom your [G] devilish life depended?”

[Am] Shop-soiled and [Dm7] broken in a [F] part not clearly [G] seen
You’ll have [Am] no Arme [Dm7] geddon, no more [G7] screams
Pleasant [G7] dreams


[G] [Em] Your world, [G] [Em] your world, [G] [Em] your world [G] [Em] customer
[G] [Em] Your world, [G] [Em] your world, [G] [Em] your world [G] your [Em] world


I said, “I’m [G] sure your [Em] faith in what you [G] cannot [Em] see
Has made your [G] slumbers [Em] sounder but won’t [G] work for [Em] me
I am [G] sick of [Em] fresh starts, of the [G] promises I’ve [Em] heard
From my [G] lips and [Em] others of a [G] brighter [Em] world”

[G] [Em] (x4)


“Now I’m a [G] punchdrunk [Em] sailor who can’t [G] picture [Em] land
An ex [G] hausted [Em] atom in a [G] grain of [Em] sand
They who [G] can’t be [Em] frozen like a [G] teenage [Em] corpse
Must be [G] iso [Em] lated and tied [G] up in [Em] knots.”

[A] Fake chrome and a lick of [C#] paint
And a [G] change of name announced
By some [A] menswear dummy turned messen [C#] ger
Of a [G] master whose name he cannot pronounce

You [A] feast on bargain-basement [C#] dregs
Get your [G] self-delusions off the well-worn peg
No [A] new hierarchy, female or [C#] male
No [G] Santa, Elvis or Holy Grail


[G] [Em] (x8)

[Am] Shop-soiled and [Dm7] clueless, too in [F] debted to in [G] spect
What both [Am] feeds and de [Dm7] feats you – no re [G7] spect
I’m [G7] beaten, but I still reject

Note: Nothing chordwise here. Feedback? I guess you could go with Dm7, if you had to.

This world, just like a sentence
Without crime or guilt or sin
So give the panda back his skin
And give the berries back their gin


[G] [Em] Your world, [G] [Em] your world, [G] [Em] your world [G] [Em] customer
[G] [Em] Your world, [G] [Em] your world, [G] [Em] your world [G] your [Em] world