You’re A Rose by the Fatima Mansions

From the Fatima Mansions’ 1990 Viva Dead Ponies album. Written by Cathal Coughlan. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[A] [D] (x3)


It’s [A] Mister [D] Blank [C] calling, [D] gorgeous
[C] From the [G] slum which [D] time ig [A] nores
Where [A] folks use [D] razor [C] blades for [D] toothpaste
And [C] every [G] breath is a [D] holy [A] war

[A] Were you sleeping? Do you hate me?
I’ve been [D] dozing in the midnight sun
Now [A] I have solved all of my problems
Making the [D] many into one

The [C#m7] good times are all [D6] over
I don’t [C#m7] care, it seems I [D6] missed them
But I [C#m7] miss your smile, your [Bm7] laugh, your snore
Your [E] fond contempt, your faithful rage


You’re a [A] rose [D] [A] (x4)


[A] [G] [A] [G] [Dm] [Am] [Dm7] [Am7] (x2)


You don’t [A] mind the queues, the burning trains
The [D] squalid, mute despair
You don’t [A] mind deceiving lovers
You ig [D] nore the stinking air

Well, now ac [A] cept you’re just a person
Not the [D] touchstone, not the face
Of the [A] ages past, their grandeur
And the death- [D] wish of the master race

The [C#m7] dawn sky is getting [D6] bleaker
Our de [C#m7] mise could not be [D6] neater
And your [C#m7] face hangs down be [Bm7] fore me
Like a [E] rootless flame; in awe I stare


You’re a [A] rose [D] [A]
You’re a [A] rose [D] [A]
On [A] fire [D] [A]
You’re a [A] rose in a [D] crown of [A] thorns


Well, I [A] think you’d better [D] hang [C] up on the [A] jerk
I [A] think you’d better [D] hang [C] up on the [A] jerk
I [A] think you’d better [D] hang [C] up on the [A] jerk

It’s been [A] too long, [D] too [C] long, too [C] long
From now [A] on there’s [D] only gonna [C] be [A] one way
[A] One way [D] traffic [C] now [A]
[A] The door is [D] open, the [C] door is [A] open wide