The Holly Hills by the High Llamas

From the High Llamas’ 2003 Beet, Maize & Corn album. Written by Sean O’Hagan. No capo.

High Llamas - Beet, Maize and Corn


Note: Have fun. You’re on your own.


Be [A] fore a white pi [C/G] ano, we [F#m] sometimes wish to [Dm7] be
A [Amaj7] toast to Mighty [Fm6/D] Sparrow, a [F#] toast to V.D. [C] P.
A [Gm7] town will turn to [Gm6] city, well [Gm7] water must be [Gm6] found
But [C/G] white pi [Gm] anos [F6] seem to [A7] be a [Am7] cross the hills of [F6] Bever [Eb7] ly
The [Am7] singers wait for [F6] songs to [Eb7] sing
The [Am7] city pipes the [F6] water [Eb7] in
One [Am7] day the singing [F6] will be [Eb7] gin
A [Am7] cross the [Abm6] Holly [Gm7] Hills [F6] [F]