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The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue by Telefis

From Telefis’ 2022 a hAon album. Written by Cathal Coughlan and Garret Lee. No capo.

High Llamas - Snowbug


[Am7] [D] (x3)

[C6] [D]


[Am7] Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer [D] Rising
[Am7] Camden ’84 [D] show
[Am7] The audience mostly [D] tripping
Soundtrack [C6] missing so here’s EL [D] O


[C6] Beat-down in London Town
[D] Pass the amulets around
[Am7] Well-oiled social blend
[D] None of whom need meet again

[Am7] Great plans can be announced
Through [D] champing teeth and cotton mouths
[Am7] “When I get money, you [D] know what I’ll do?

‘The [C6] Symphonies of [D] Danny La [Am7] Rue’!” [D] [Am7] [D] [Am7] [D] [C6] [D]


[C6] It’s nearly three in the [D] morning
[C6] And Danny won’t come off [D] stage
[Am7] The Stepney boys are of [D] fended
He’s [C6] forfeited his wealth with one [D] catty tirade

[Am7] Out on the western plain where [D] Stratocasters weren’t acclaimed
[Am7] Seated on plastic chairs, [D] bankrupts join in psalms and prayers
[Am7] Dan expired in Tunbridge Wells – [D] Could he still hear Shandon’s Bells?
[C6] Later, some hometown [D] walking snafu sells [Am7] ‘Symphonies of [D] Danny La [C6] Rue’!”
La [D] Rue
La [Am7] Rue [D] [C6] [D]


[Am7] He’s not successful like [D] Danny
[Am7] He’s barely known at [D] all
[Am7] He can’t tell when they’re [D] laughing
[C6] With or at his old prat [D] falls

He’s the [Am7] flim-flam Sober Man, [D] hipflasks taped to cymbal stands
An [Am7] eye for under-35s, [D] neither smart nor dignified
[Am7] Offspring he ignored, in [D] anecdote, become adored
The [Am7] childhood they had – sure, they’re [D] keen to peruse
Those [C6] Symphonies of [D] Danny La [Am7] Rue